Friday, April 23, 2010

This computer is driving me nuts. I wrote a bunch and when I posted it...POOF! It's gone. Guess the spooks got it.

Anyway...Here it is again.

I love my crochet hook. I'm having so much fun with my crocheting.

I joined a group who exchange bookmarks. (That explains the picture) I love each of the beautiful bookmarks that I receive. The picture is of ones I have made. I make them when I'm between projects.

I belong to a group who exchange Barbie outfits. I love all the lovely outfits I have received and I have made friends as an added bonus.

I am going to join a group who exchange granny squares. I can hardly wait to see where they come from.

I'm still making angels, scarves, hats, and baby afghans for charity, too.

I carry my crocheting with me everywhere I go. It helps me cope with waiting.

I hit the second-hand stores yesterday. I picked up some great yarn. And a baby crochet book from 1956, paid 29 cents for it. Great deal.

I'm making a duster for my friend, Marie. It's Lion Brand Homespun in a lovely ivory. I love it. I hope she'll like it.

Crochet is such a lovely pastime for a rainy day or any day for that matter.

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