Sunday, May 27, 2012 strikes again.

Found this one hiding on this stupid computer. I'll just keep plugging along and maybe I'll get better at this.

I posted 9 more pictures of Hawaii and when I tried to publish the post...the whole damn thing vanished. I hate computers some days.
Anyway Hawaii was wonderful.
I came home and went to work as a door greeter. It's kinda fun. Everyone at the store is very helpful and polite. They are really nice to the "new" kid on the block. I'm old enough to be the grandmother of most of these kids.
I called Social Security right after my birthday and was told that I needed one more quarter to qualify to receive Social Security. So...I'm back to work. Russ and I decided that I can use that money as well as the government. Maybe even better.

OOPS! Had to go

This is the resort where we stayed. The Royal Kona Resort. The other shots are from our balcany window.

This is where I drank tea every morning, and listened to the ocean and enjoyed Hawaii in all her glory.
These are from the drive we took to the black sand beach.

I found this hiding on my computer.  Someday I may figure out this thing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just catching up

This is My Friend Mandy, made by Fisher-Price back in the '70's.
I picked her up at the second-hand store about 5 years ago.
She has been waiting in my basement for me to dress her.

Well, Since I have been laid up with recovering from surgery, I dressed her.
I went to JoAnn's to pick up some shoes.  American Girls dolls are 18" and Mandy
is only 16.  So the shoes were too big.
I picked up a piece of black felt and came home and made her shoes.

This is my columbine.
I have been watching her grow for 3 years. 
And the year she bloomed.

AND Bloomed, and bloomed.
Isn't she beautiful!

This is Diablo.
He showed up today and informed me that I needed a little devil
in my life.

He wanted to show off his tail.

I'm feeling so much better.  Still get tired easily, but...enough of that.
I'll keep my crochet hooks busy and make some more little pretties.
Rachel wants some fishnet stockings, so that is my next project.

The date on the devil is wrong.  I don't know what happened, because I took the
picture this morning.
May 11, 2012.
I'll try to fix it for next time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dog Rug

I had this lovely green rug yarn...I wanted to try a new stitch...  What to make????   A Dog Rug.
I know the colors are a bit out there, but I understand dogs don't see color.

This handsome guy is Grizz.

This is Chevy. He thinks that he is in charge.

 The dog rug is now in the kennel where Grizz and Chevy sleep.  They seem to like it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


On my last post, I put in a Link to  Well, it didn't work.  So I'm going to try it again.  Try going to Caron Connections.  Or  naturally 
Good Luck.

Thanks to Rachel for getting my picutres to work again. . 

Lexi's Afghan

I got these first 3 colors done.
Then I did the Lilac and forgot to take pictures of them.

 This is it.  Finished for Lexi.  She wanted one that was Pink and Purple.  Here it is. 
I think it is rather pretty.  I used the pattern by   It's the Mount Vernon Throw.  (It is made  with Naturally Caron #0023 chocolate Truffle, #0015 Deep Taupe, #0012 Foliage, and #0004 Green Sheen.)  The squares work up really fast after the first one. 

I just hope Lexi loves it.