Monday, March 28, 2011

Look what I finished. I think I like it better that the purple one.

I made it for my younger sister. I hope it fits her. I plan to take it to her when I go to visit this summer. (If summer ever gets here.)

I keep telling myself that this snow crap is not nearly as bad as the earthquake that hit Japan a few weeks ago. But I have to deal with the snow. So I still gripe about it. I am sooooo ready for Spring.

I separated my day lilies last year and they all came up this year. I picked some more lilies from Home Depot a few weeks ago. I planted most of them. They are doing well for now. I want to see them bloom.

The tulips I planted 12 years ago all came up, and there are more of them this year. They always surprise me when they appear. I forget they are under all that soil the rest of the year. They'll be blooming in about 2 weeks.

We went to Lexi's third birthday party and had a very good time. I really enjoy watching the little girls play. They are both so smart and beautiful. Hey! I'm Granma D, I can brag on them if I want. They look alot like their mothers. (Who are also beautiful.) {had to take two to get a good one}

It's had to believe they are both 3 now. They are growing so fast.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I had planned to do some running around today. And...woke up to snow. CRAP! I thought Spring was here. Welcome to Springtime in the Rockies. I don't know why this caught me off guard. This happens every year. But I am so tired of Winter. They're calling they Sprinter. Cute. No matter what they want to call it...I don't much care for it.

Aside from the weather (which sucks), Life is good. I have everything I ever wished for. And some of the things I didn't know I wanted.

Hey! a little snow never stopped me before. Off to deliver stuff to get it out-a the house.

Happy Friday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I've been monkeying around the past week.

I made some cherries.The Stitchen Chicks suggested that I make some after they saw the one I put on the top of my "Cherry Pie."
I am still working on the new sweater. I'm just past half way. I'll finish it this weekend. So Monday I'll post the finished photo.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a Day!

Met with the Stitchen Chicks today. They're going to get me quilting yet. Everything they make is sooooo beautiful. Maybe I should see if they just trade for some crochet. I know I'll never to make things as pretty as they all do.
Anne is so sweet. She has offered for me to come down and play on her gadgets. I mad just do that.
We had lunch that was wonderful. Of course I have no points left for dinner.*
*Weight Watchers Points Plus.

My better half is still talking about retirement. And now he's got a new "thought". He thinks we should buy some homes in Las Vegas while the prices are so low. Which would be alright, But... He's talking about living there. I think he's trying to give me a breakdown.

I have some pictures of what I have been crocheting, but they aren't on the computer. I'm learning, but I'm slow. Tomorrow I'll add them.

The sun made an appearance today. But that twerp on the television said that we should get rain tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping he's wrong again. The day was beautiful for a drive South.

Smile...It makes people wonder what you've been up to.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The site for the great ideas is Sorry about getting it wrond in my last post. Take a look at it.


I was just watching Good Things Utah (Morning TV show in Salt Lake City, UT) and I have to share.
Is your relationship getting stale? Go to for some great ideas to spice things up.
I plan to try some of their things.

We don't stop playing because we get older...We get old because we stop playing.

Play today.