Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fair pictures

These are the things I took to the State Fair. It was such fun.
Planning on doing some next year also.


When I started this, I planned on writing something everyday. As you can tell. I haven't kept that up.

Some days I just don't have anything to say. Reporting on the weather gets so dull.

It's Autumn. Summer is over. It will soon be the Holidays.
I'm going to put up my Christmas lights next week. My neighbors will hate it. But I don't like the cold weather and would rather put the lights up while it's still warm. I know it's only September, but I won't turn them on until Thanksgiving.

I won 4 blue ribbons, 2 red ribbons, and 1 white ribbon at the State Fair. They thanked me for participating and invited me to come back next year. They asked me to demonstrate crochet next year. I think that sounds like fun.

So I have rambled on enough for one day. More soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd-hand shopping

I hit 2 of my favorite stores today. I got a mess of yarn, 3 Barbie Dolls, and a book on how to sell my stuff. (I might even read this one.) Had a wonderful time. The Savor's store always has a bunch of yarn. (Like I need more.)

Went to the Aquarium with my daughter and her little one. We got to see all the frogs. They are so cute. It was great fun.
Now I have to roll some of this yarn before it gets to be a bigger mess.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Russell and I are going out to Wendover, NV again this weekend. I'm going to win more this time.

Frantic Friday

Somethings are just named incorrectly.

Today is peaceful and quiet.
Two very nice men came out and fixed the garage door this morning. I tidied up the garage a little bit.
I got the dishes done.
I've made a Chemo cap. I've played on the Internet. I've copied some patterns.
I think I'll go second-hand shopping.
More later, maybe.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I didn't put Agnes or Lily Beth in the fair. Just Phebe. They said I could only put one of my dolls in. So I picked Phebe.

It's Labor Day and it feels like Autumn. Summer is over for another year. Boy! this one was short. The temperature only got up to 100 degrees for a couple of days. It's hard to believe Global Warming when Summer only lasts two weeks. May and June were below normal and July was only HOT for the last week and August was below normal, too. The sun is shinning so it's alright.

Life is Good.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Utah State Fair Entries

I'm off to the State Fair Grounds to enter my "stuff". I'm entering 10 Items this year. I'm having such fun. (Lily Beth has her green and purple dress on, but I couldn't find her Picture)

I have a large Granny Afghan, Agnes, and a Barbie Bridal Doll. (Don't have picture of Barbie, yet)

I met my cousin for lunch yesterday. I took Phebe along because Laurl had asked to see her. It's fun to show my babies.
As long as I have my crochet hook I'll be fine.