Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Who is in charge of this stuff??? It's the end of April and it's snowing in the valley. OK! It would be alright in the mountains, but down here.

What happened to Global Warming? If the polar ice cape is melting and the polar bears are dying off, how about moving them to Utah. We're freezing here.

Well, At least it's not an earthquake. And I have central heating, so I'm warm in the house.

Here are some things I've been making.

This is my little baby outfit. I made the socks first and then I had to dress her so that she isn't just sitting around naked.

The vest looks better when I wear it. It's hanging on the back of a chair. I had a bunch of fun making this. It's a stitch I never made before and it was great and easy to do.

I'm working on some hats to send to Pakistan with a friend.

I'm doing a Barbie Doll gown to send off to a friend.

If Spring would just stay around and the sun would shine, life would be perfect.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We got more snow today. Salt Lake City, Utah got snow all day today. Looks like the whole state got it again. I want Spring. But like my Daddy used to say, "It doesn't hurt you to want." At least I'm not in Japan. I still have my warm home to sit in and look out at the snow. I still have running, clean water and hot water whenever I want it. I even have this "fine" computer and my lovely television. And my family is well and happy. Guess I'll just smile and say thanks for what I have and stop complaining about the cold weather. I'll just pick up my crochteing and make something pretty. Happy weekend.