Sunday, July 28, 2013


Russ and I went out to Wendover for the weekend.  I love the drive over the Salt Flats.  We listened to a Book on CD by J D Robb.  Makes the drive go better.  And I don't sleep through the entire drive.

Before we left, I fixed Russ a cup of coffee.  I looked down at the big mug that I was using I remembered my dad saying that he hated the mugs that he couldn't get his nose in.  It made me smile.

Had a wonderful weekend.  I came home with $115. more that I left with.  I'm going to put it into my savings account for my next trip to Iowa or Texas.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Better now.

This is my hero.
Got my jam done.  6.5 pints.  I tasted it.  Yummy
I have at least that many more blackberries on my bushes.  So there will be more.


Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. 

There has been this feral cat around our place for the past six months or so.  He's beautiful.  But about two months ago he got hurt.  His front right paw was sore.  It just kept getting worse.  He can't use it at all now.

 I always leave food out for the wild cats in the neighborhood, so they come into our garage.  I always talk to them when I see them. 

He has been spending a lot of time in our garage, so I talk to him almost every day.  I named him Sampson.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes.  He always spit at me when I got too close.  I wish I had a picture of him.

Russ started complaining about the cats around the house again.  So I agreed to catch them in the humane cage.  This morning I set up the cage.  I saw Sampson in the corner and told him to stay out of the cage.

He didn't listen.  I took him over to the shelter.  I asked them what will happen to him.  They said that he'll be neutered and if he is really feral they will release him back where he was found.  I told them about his front paw.  They said that if they can they'll take care of him. 

Thank GOD, they're a no-kill shelter.

I've been crying ever since I got in the car to leave the shelter.
Why does this hurt so much.  He's just a feral cat.

I still have 4 adolescent cats and their mother to catch.  I think she may be pregnant again.
But it's better for them if I take care of this.

Gotta go get my blackberry jam started. 

I can cry through that.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Slow Weekend

Russ and I went out to Wendover, Utah.  We had a wonderfully quiet weekend.  Didn't win anything.  But we both needed to chill for a bit.

I'm been crocheting a lot. 
Here is some of my projects...

And the ever present Barbie gown...

Ok! This one is not a gown.
They look better vertically, but the stupid computer wouldn't let me turn them. 
Awwww I feel his pain!
Must go shopping.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Hooking

I have been keeping my crochet hook busy.
I made one pair of Red Heart Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts. #LW1027

And...a bunch of Simple Fingerless Mitts - by Sharon Maher of laughing purple goldfish designs.

It's a good thing I have a crochet hook.  (Actually about 90 of them.)  They keep me out of trouble.

I just got a really easy slipper pattern  That I'm going to make up for the Pine Ridge Elders Group.
I'm going to knit some slippers for them, too.  But that's for next time.

Love to all.