Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day

It's been a long time since I've written on this.

First:  Happy Mother's Day

Then here are some of the things I have been making:
 This was my "Baby" with the first tulip of Spring

The last bears I made.  My daughter took them home
with her.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November already!

Well, it's already November 2014.  There is snow on the Oquirrhs.  (That's the mountains just west of Salt Lake City, Utah)  That means Winter is here.  Not my favorite season.

Today is Rachel's Birthday.  She has always been a great kid.  Now she's is a great adult.
Love ya, Bug.
 She has some Strange friends.  This was from a couple of years ago when we went to Las Vegas.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finished and rain

Rained on Tuesday.  It was lovely.

This was want was left of the hurricane that was
in the Pacific.  Glad we didn't get as much rain
as they got in Arizona and Southern California.

These are my kitties.

 Keeping the yellow one. (For now)
Sent her off to a friend in California.

 These are my wonderful Moon Lilies.
 They started out so tiny and now...WOW!
This is my Russian Sage that just grew last summer
and now  she is huge.  The bee love her and there is
a little bird who visits now and then.

Sad to see Summer coming to an end,  But the 
weather has been wonderful and mostly sunny.
It's so good to be alive.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Autumn is here.

September is here.  No more Summer.  I love Summer.  OH Well, life goes on.
This is the little doll I made for my little granddaughter
who lives in Missouri.

 I decided she needed some clothing...SO.
There is a swim suit, a nightie, a dress, bloomers, and
a hat   And a little blanket just because every 
baby needs a blankie.

 This is a monster. 
 I liked him so much I made a smaller one.

 He went to Missouri to live.
 A friend told me her favorite color was fuchsia.
So I looked through my stash this is what I came up
I sent this one to Texas to the friend who likes fuchsia.

 I started this gown with the purple and it told me
to put the ruffles in red.  So  TaDa
My version of a Red Hat Lady.

 This is Moses.  He is parts of a large cat.
Before long he is going to sit on my shelf with 
some of my Frogs.
This is the beginnings of a doll.  She is taking her
own sweet time telling me how she wants to look.
So far she has panties and shoes.  Her arms are
in the ball of pink yarn I'm working with, but she
hasn't decided how she wants them to look.

That's enough of my insanity for this time.
Hope your Summer was wonderful.
Mine was.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Baby

My son called and asked me to make his little girl, Morgana, another monster.  I made her one when she was about 6 months old.  Well, she needed another one because, he said, she wore out the other one.  So...I started a now monster.  OOPS!
This is what I got.  Sitting


Dressed.  I made them removable.  Rachel said,"What
good are removable clothes if you don't have more to
change into?"

I made a nightie, a dress, bloomers, and a swimsuit, a hat
and a blanket.
I just hope Morgana likes them.  I'm sending it to her 
next week.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm back.

I spent the weekend making Granny squares.
These I sent out in June.
These I made this weekend. I'll be sending
4 of them out some time soon.
I made dog rugs last month.
These are for Grizz and Chevy.
This is Griz
This is Chevy
This is Nikita
This rug is for her.
They are my daughters dogs.  They get so excited
when I go to visit.  
I had a lot of fun making them. 

The dog rugs are made from a potholder pattern only a lot

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Barbie dolls

I want to share my beautiful Barbie Dolls in their new outfits.

 These are to ones I received from the other "girls" in the 
Ma's Barbie group

 Rachel made these lovely outfits on one of the knitting looms.

 This is my witch.  I made her a hat and a broom.

This fellow is Hiawatha.  I sent him to a friend in
Wisconsin this morning.  I hope she likes him.
I made the bow and arrows.  OOPS.  the arrows 
are behind his back.
He is one of the dolls from the Pocahontas movie.

I love making Barbie outfits.  
Chris says that I'm in my second childhood.
But she is mistaken.  I never left my first childhood.