Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Autumn is here.

September is here.  No more Summer.  I love Summer.  OH Well, life goes on.
This is the little doll I made for my little granddaughter
who lives in Missouri.

 I decided she needed some clothing...SO.
There is a swim suit, a nightie, a dress, bloomers, and
a hat   And a little blanket just because every 
baby needs a blankie.

 This is a monster. 
 I liked him so much I made a smaller one.

 He went to Missouri to live.
 A friend told me her favorite color was fuchsia.
So I looked through my stash this is what I came up
I sent this one to Texas to the friend who likes fuchsia.

 I started this gown with the purple and it told me
to put the ruffles in red.  So  TaDa
My version of a Red Hat Lady.

 This is Moses.  He is parts of a large cat.
Before long he is going to sit on my shelf with 
some of my Frogs.
This is the beginnings of a doll.  She is taking her
own sweet time telling me how she wants to look.
So far she has panties and shoes.  Her arms are
in the ball of pink yarn I'm working with, but she
hasn't decided how she wants them to look.

That's enough of my insanity for this time.
Hope your Summer was wonderful.
Mine was.

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