Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Barbie dolls

I want to share my beautiful Barbie Dolls in their new outfits.

 These are to ones I received from the other "girls" in the 
Ma's Barbie group

 Rachel made these lovely outfits on one of the knitting looms.

 This is my witch.  I made her a hat and a broom.

This fellow is Hiawatha.  I sent him to a friend in
Wisconsin this morning.  I hope she likes him.
I made the bow and arrows.  OOPS.  the arrows 
are behind his back.
He is one of the dolls from the Pocahontas movie.

I love making Barbie outfits.  
Chris says that I'm in my second childhood.
But she is mistaken.  I never left my first childhood.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Summer

I skipped all of May and most of June.  I have been crocheting and just didn't take the time to post anything.
 I made this throw for a friend who retired.

 This is the beginning of a bag.  Should have taken a picture
of the finished project.

 This is the June out fit I sent out for Ma's Barbie Group.

 This is the beginnings and the end of an ornament that I
made up from an idea I borrowed from a friends Easter Eggs. 

 Vintage potholder pattern.  I remember my aunts making 
these back in the 1950's

 This is the beginning of a throw I made for my husband 
to put in his car.
 I fell in love with this yarn at Tuesday Morning and had
to have it.  I brought it home and made this throw in 
just 4 days.

 This is the beginning of a dog rug.  
Finished project to follow.
These are outfits that my daughter, Rachel made on one 
of those looms.  She is so talented.

Life has been really good with me.  We are all well here.