Monday, March 28, 2011

Look what I finished. I think I like it better that the purple one.

I made it for my younger sister. I hope it fits her. I plan to take it to her when I go to visit this summer. (If summer ever gets here.)

I keep telling myself that this snow crap is not nearly as bad as the earthquake that hit Japan a few weeks ago. But I have to deal with the snow. So I still gripe about it. I am sooooo ready for Spring.

I separated my day lilies last year and they all came up this year. I picked some more lilies from Home Depot a few weeks ago. I planted most of them. They are doing well for now. I want to see them bloom.

The tulips I planted 12 years ago all came up, and there are more of them this year. They always surprise me when they appear. I forget they are under all that soil the rest of the year. They'll be blooming in about 2 weeks.

We went to Lexi's third birthday party and had a very good time. I really enjoy watching the little girls play. They are both so smart and beautiful. Hey! I'm Granma D, I can brag on them if I want. They look alot like their mothers. (Who are also beautiful.) {had to take two to get a good one}

It's had to believe they are both 3 now. They are growing so fast.

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  1. YEP! Granma D! those girls are real CUTIE PAH-two-teeez!

    Oh, and the sweater is pretty too!