Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Monday

The sun is shinning. The sky is blue. The trees are turning green. The cherry tree is in bloom. It's a beautiful day.

My oldest son, John, called yesterday. We talked for 45 minutes. He remembers things from before I took them to live with my Aunt. He was 20 months old. Darn young to remember the things we talked about yesterday. Things that only he and I would know.

I'm glad he calls now. I've missed him.

I am a very lucky person. I gave birth to 4 darn good kids and got to love and watch grow 3 more. And I love all 7 of them.

I received a pattern for African Flower motifs. I have made 3 of them since yesterday. They are so pretty. They're a hexagon shape. I've wanted to make a hexagon motif afghan for a bunch of years. Now I have a pattern the I'm happy with. I'm going to make and afghan with them. I'll post a picture when It's finished. Maybe during construction.

I separated my Day Lilies yesterday. They look kinda sad today. I hope they make it. They'll be so pretty when to thicken up again.

This morning I threw Weed and Feed all over the front lawn.

All this yard work is cutting into my crocheting.

I watched Buried Alive last night. It's about Hoarders. SCARY. My house is getting like that. So when I get home from my crochet class I'm attacking the kitchen. (That's a good place to start.) I'm going to find my counters, and do the dishes today. I'll let you know how it comes along. WISH ME LUCK.
Better yet, pray for me.

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