Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello World

This Lexi at work with Chris.

I am having a great day. No reason, really.

Yesterday we worked in the yard for a few hours. We cut down the Chineeze Elm in the back yard and stacked the limbs and put them in the trash. I was so tired. What was that all about? Manual Labor is just not my thing. I am basically lazy.

But I do feel good today. Spose there is a connection?

I tended Lexi on Friday. I taught her a new phrase, "Way to go, Jerk." It's better than the first world I used on the other driver. She's a mocking bird. We had alot of fun.

We also watched Phil Mickelsen win the Masters Golf Turnament. We watched it because of Tiger Woods.

I don't care what the rest of the world thinks of him, I think he's getting the rotten end of the stick. He's just 35 years old, that is way too young to have to deal with the weight of the world. He made some mistakes. OK! We've hashed it over for almost a year. Move on, ALREADY.

We all know what happen to the last person who was perfect. Do you want to go that way?

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  1. She is absolutely adorable! Glad you're having a good day =D