Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thoughts of the day

These are some of the Babies I made back in September. I enjoy crocheting all kinds of things
I went to lunch with Marie today. I always enjoy seeing her. She was thrilled with the sweater I crocheted for her. It was varigated blues. It'll look really pretty on with her blonde coloring.

I was sitting with my tea this morning and missing my mother more than anything. We used to have tea in the mornings. (She's been gone for 6 years, now.) We'd talk about all kinds of things while we had tea. I wish that we could discuss some things, now. I'd like to tell her how proud I am of my girls and my grandkids.

Back then it was just Lipton black tea. Now I drink all kinds of exotic teas. Sometimes I just sit and think while I drink my tea.

Aunt Letha would have tea with us sometimes, too. (She's been gone 33 years.) I was thinking about her this morning, too. She taught me how to crochet. I got help from other ladies, but Aunt Letha taught me the basics. Everytime I crochet, I think of her.
The day was good.
More tomorrow.

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