Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Rambleing

This was left in my crock-pot the morning after I did a roast. I have no idea what kine of magical being stepped in there. But I took a picture of the proof that someone had been there. I wish I could have seen them.

This is getting to be great fun. Now if Spring would just make her appearance Life would be perfect.

Knit and Crochet Today is on right now. I must go.

They made a lovely Victorian choker. I need to make one of them. It shouldn't take long. I take a picture for tomorrows post.

I have figured out the worst part of living forever. You lose alot of very special people along the way. I was drinking a cup of tea this morning and missing my mother and her sister, Letha. After I came home from the Marine Corps we used to sit and drink tea and talk about anything that came to mind. I learned so much from those two "old" ladies.

When I was little, I overheard Aunt Letha and Mom talking about someone they said was a "Brazen Huzzy." I looked it up in the dictionary.
Brazen - 1. of or like brass. 2.shameless.
Huzzy - Bold or shameless woman.
And I decided that is what I wanted to be when I grew up.
Shame is such a waste of time and energy. Alot like worry, guilt, and regret.
If you are going to regret it or be ashamed, DON'T do it.

Aunt Letha was the one who taught me to crochet. I'm so glad I learned from her. Crochet give me such joy. I don't know how people can just sit and watch tv, or wait in the doctors or dentist office, or any other place in line without crocheting.

I know people who knit who feel the same way.

I make baby afghans for the University of Utah Medical Center Neonatel Unit. I feel like every stitch I put into the afghans make the babies stronger. I think it makes me feel better than it does them.

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