Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm spending the day frogging.
I crocheted a "sweater", that looked more like a king-size blanket.

It's from a new book I picked up while at Gardner Village last week. It's Crochet Wear, by Ann Regis. I really liked the look of this sweater, but mine just didn't turn out like it. I worked on it all weekend.

But now...

I love this yarn. I picked it up at Joann's awhile back. It's on sale right now. Anyway... It's big enough for a small elephant. Soooo. It's frogging time.

My darling husband said that I could leave it and wear it like an afghan when it gets cold this winter. I looked at it this morning and decided that I would never use it that way.

It will probably take me all day to frog it.

The weather is changing. Today is going to be beautiful and warm, but by Saturday we get storms and colder. By Thursday we may get sn--. I am NOT ready for Winter and the "S" word.

Remember...Even if you are against the war, Support our troops. They are young men and women who are doing what their country asks.

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