Thursday, August 9, 2012

See what I'm up to.

I just started these socks.  I picked up the yarn at Unraveled Sheep Yarn shop at 20% off
Because it's my birthday month and they offered a discount.

His sign says "Dis Zombie Luvs Uz"
He wanted to live with Rachel.  So he moved into
her room.

This is a Queen Ann's Lace shawl.  I pick up this yarn along with
the sock yarn for my birthday.

This is Rachel's little dog, Grizz.  He is my ever present
helper when I'm trying to crochet.  He gets his tail (that curls
over his back) tangled in my yarn and then walks away.
I yell, and he looks at me like, "What!  Did I do something.
I think he just loves my attention.


  1. That's a pretty funny dog "tail/tale" =P


  2. I like the stuff you are in the process of making :) Nice socks, I guess you must have finished them by now. Thanks for supporting my blog! ***Anna***