Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 I've been busy.
This is Pete.

 This is Mandy and Pete.

This is a Pink and black afghan that I started for a friend
of Rachel.  I gave the friend a different one.
I found it in the basement and decided to finish it.
I made it WIP Wednesday. 

 This is called Spider Web Doily.
I made it red for the fun of it.

 These are net stockings for Rachel.  I hope she really
wears them some time.

 These are socks for me.
There is a way to make the stripes match, but I
really didn't want that.  I like them this way

This is a shawl that I started just to use up some of
the thread I have on cones.  It's done with 3 strands,
Navy blue, aqua, and purple.
I think Rachel has her eye on it.

This is a vintage pattern that I have always wanted to
make.  I reminds me of some Aunt Letha used to make.
She taught me how to crochet.  I think of her alot while
I crochet. 

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