Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This blogging thing is just not going well for me.
I just did a whole page of stuff and lost it. So here we go again.

I think Winter is never going to end. It's raining again today. 20 degrees lower than normal. It's supposed to rain everyday for the next week.

I have been cold since last September. I need sunshine...

On the TV this morning I heard a quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, "The wold is all full of a number of things. I think we should all be a s happy as kings."

But, It's difficult to remember to be happy when you're cold and wet.
My darling husband keep saying that we'll all complain when Summer comes. I haven't complained about the heat for the past 3 years. I've been cold for 9 months of the year so when I get warm I enjoy it. I actually look forward to Hot Flashes.

I guess I'll get back to my crocheting. That is where I am really happy.

Think sunshine and smile.
Life is good.

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  1. it's Stitchin Chick Thursday!! that's gotta put a smile on your face! =D