Tuesday, July 6, 2010

See what I did.

This is Pam's sweater. I hope she likes it.

These are some of the aliens who have invaded my home. They are very friendly. They're are easy to talk to and never spread gossip. They don't talk much, but then...Who need a noisy alien?

The one is named Flower. She brightens my day when I see her in the morning. She sits on my monitor.

This one is going to live with Wendy. She said that she would like one. I just hope she doesn't multiply like the other have.

Life is good.

Now I have to get back to making angels, scarves, chemo caps, baby afghans, and Marie's sweater.

REMEMBER...When in trouble or doubt - run in circles, scream and shout.

1 comment:

  1. The sweater is beautiful! And your little aliens are adorable. Would love to give them a home, especially because they are quiet!!! Have a great day.