Monday, March 1, 2010

Life goes on

Friday, Rachel was hit be a jurk in a white truck who drove off without leaving any information. So she is driving my car. She wasn't hurt, just mad as hell.

The weather is so nice today, I walked down to my crochet class. It's about half an hour walk from my house. It's a beautiful Spring day, but the weather never stays this way in March.

I enjoy my crochet group so much. We just sit, crochet and talk about everything under the sun. We share what we are doing and some of the things we have done. We ask and answer questions about crochet and life in general.

I got another Barbie outfit in the mail today. I love this group. This one is a beautiful varigated purple gown. I had a Barbie sitting here with a purple tie in her hair. I was thinking about making her a purple outfit. Now, I have one that means more to me then if I had made it.

I'm making a "Prayer Shawl." I don't know who I'm making it for. But I am praying that who ever gets it is getting stronger with each stitch I make. I'll find someone who needs a hug and give this to them.

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