Friday, February 26, 2010

Smile. It's almost the weekend

This is Lexi. Chris called me at Fiber Friendz and asked me to pick up Lexi at the babysitter. Chris wouldn't be getting home until 4:15 and Lexi needed to be picked up at 3:00. So like the good little Do-B that I am I left Fiber Friendz early and picked up Lexi. We walked up to Smith's and picked up some apple juice. She smiles and says Hi to everyone she sees. They just smile and say Hi back to her.

I wish that I had that kind of enthusiasm for life. It's better now that I have retired. It's like my life is finally myown.

I went to Fiber Friendz this morning. I enjoy that so much.

It was a very good day.

It was lovely today. The sun was out and it got up to 48 degrees. I love it when it starts to warm up. Spring might just show up after all.

Life is short -- Don't waste it being tasteful.
-Isaac Mizrahi-

This is how I'm living my life these days. I have decided to stop worring about what other people think. I'm busy with my own thoughts.

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