Monday, May 17, 2010

Look what I did

This is a small afghan (About 60"x48") that I made for Becky (One of the girls, Rachel works with.) She donated 16 hours of vacation time so Rachel would get paid for some of the time she was off for her gallbladder surgery. I wanted to thank her, hence I made this little afghan for her.
It's made with JoAnn's Rainbow Bounce in white and variegated blue. It feels really good. It took about 20 hours start to finish.
Misty also donated 16 hours for Rachel. I'm making her one in Black and Red. I post it when finished.

No Crochet Class today. The Center closed to go to the Zoo. Hope they're having fun.
The weather is wonderful for a trip to the zoo.

I planted 2 tomatoes and 2 pepper plants.
The marigolds from yesterday are still beautiful. The basil looked better yesterday. I hope they perk up.
The rose I planted last week is dead.
The day lilies are looking sad, but they're still green.

I'm going to move some of my Iris after they bloom. Probable next month.

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