Friday, July 20, 2012

Work on UFO's

I have spent the last week working on UFO's.
There are still a bunch of them in the basement.
But this was a start.

I started this sweater about 6 months ago.  It's a big round doily that became a sweater vest.
I think it turned out cute.

This is a baby afghan and hat for the U of U Medical Center
newborn intensive care unit.  I'll make some more to go with them.
I started this back in April.

This is a hanging towel, coaster set and dish clothes.
I forgot to put the one that is alone in the picture.

This is a couple of coasters and a bunch of dish clothes.

These are some doilies I sent to a friend.

The rest of these were just for fun.  I love to make doilies
between bigger projects.

I love the colors the thread comes in.

I had a very productive week.

Life is good here in Utah.  It's been hot, but today is just another beautiful summer day.

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