Sunday, October 2, 2011

Been Busy

I knitted this shawl. This is my daughter, Rachel, modelling my shawl.
It's just a big rectangle. I don't do alot of knitting. I prefer crochet. For me it is much faster. And I can do more with it. But I had this lovely yarn that just called to be knitted.
These are Voodoo dolls. I made the short pink one and Rachel made the other two. She's going to teach the girls she works with how to make them.
They look alien to me. Maybe it's because I have so many UFO around here. I just expect Aliens to appear.
This is my bird. I made him because someone had the pattern on the Crochet Partners Group on Yahoo. I added the feather for his tail. Because birds need feathers to survive in this world.
I seem to enjoy making silly things.
Chris says that I'm in my second childhood. I tell her, "No, I never left my first."
Autumn has appeared in Utah. The leaves are turning up in the mountains. My garden is almost finished. We'll be putting the swamp cooler to sleep for another year next week.
I am just not ready for Summer to be gone. Tough, right!
I read a Blog (Raymond and me) from a girl in New Zealand. She is getting excited for Spring.
I'm so happy for her.
Guess I'll deal with Autumn. DARN!

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  1. This is a wonderful knitted shawl, and lovely color. Oh very beautiful daughter too.