Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hi People

I'm back. The past week has been crazy. Monday was our crochet class at the senior center.

I did doctor appointment with Rachel on Monday and Wednesday last week. Rachel had her gallbladder out early yesterday morning. She's doing fine.

I went to Annie's Fiber Friendz on Thursday. I enjoy those ladies so much. We do all kinds of fiber arts. And Annie always makes the best lunch.

Friday, I went to Blazing Needles to crochet while the others knit. I made a set of Baby socks.

Saturday, Russell and I ran up to Idaho for lottery tickets and lunch at Me and Lou's. They have really good country food. And lots of it.

Sunday, Russell and I went out to Wendover. He plays poker and I play the slots. Neither of us won much. But we spent the weekend together and that was worth it all.

I've been walking more since the weather has improved.

I'm driving Russell's father to his doctor appointment this afternoon. That should be great fun. I'll sit and crochet or read while he sees the doctor.

I've been doing alot of baby items lately. My neighbor has two grand children on the way and I've been helping her with her crocheting. I enjoy her visits.

Get up, Dress up, and Show up.

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